Using the Whisk Studio App on Shopify

Learn how to integrate with Whisk Studio and synchronize recipes using our App on Shopify.

The Whisk Studio app on Shopify allows you to manage and enrich your recipes in Whisk Studio and then sync all recipes to Shopify for publishing. Similar to other apps in the Shopify marketplace, the Whisk Studio App is user-friendly and does not require any technical experience. If you are an existing Shopify merchant, you can download and install the app from the Shopify marketplace and start using Whisk Studio for managing your recipe content.

Installing the App

The Whisk Studio app is available for download in the Shopify app store for our enterprise partners.

To install the app:

  1. Go to the Shopify app store and log in to your Shopify account.

  2. Search for the Whisk Studio app.

  3. Install the app.

Synchronize the Recipes

To set up synchronization: 1. On the Whisk Studio app page, authenticate using the API key to start the synchronization process. See Obtain an API key for more information.

The Whisk Studio App page on Shopify

2. In the synchronization wizard that appears, click Sync Products to enable products' synchronization. Else, click Sync Later. For more information, see Using Shopify for product synchronization.

The Products Synchronization Step

3. To synchronize recipes, click Sync Recipes.

All your recipe content is automatically fetched from Whisk Studio and becomes available on Shopify. If you want to skip the synchronization for now and do it later, click Sync Later.

The Recipes Synchronization Step

Once the synchronization completes, check the Recipes tab on the Whisk Studio app page to verify if all the recipes are synchronized successfully.

If you face any problems with synchronization, please contact our support.

The Whisk Studio app stores each recipe into Shopify as an individual recipe card, which contains the following information:

  • Recipe’s name

  • Recipe’s images

  • Author’s name (if available)

  • Recipe’s description

  • Ingredients list

    • Inclusive of products set as ingredients with links to take you to the products page on Shopify directly.

  • Cooking instructions

    • Inclusive of images (if any).

  • Servings details

  • Nutrition details

  • Health Score

You can only view the recipes in the Whisk Studio app. To edit the recipes, use the Whisk Studio platform. Any changes done in the recipe content are synchronized automatically in the Whisk Studio app on Shopify.

Irrespective of whether you synced the products during installation or not, you can still turn the synchronization on or off from the app’s Settings page on Shopify.

The Settings Page