Meal Plans

The Meal Plan API lets developers integrate the Whisk Meal Planner into their apps.


In order to use the Whisk Meal Planner API, you need to follow the necessary steps to acquire a User Token, either through the use of OAuth to retrieve an anonymous token. Please check out our documentation for more information:

You can pass the access token as a Bearer token in the Authorization header to get access to Meal Planner API, as shown in this example:

-H "Authorization: Bearer <Access-Token>"

This access token will be used to identify the user and the meal plan that has been created for them.

The Meal Plan Model

image alt text

A Meal Plan in Whisk is a limitless schedule of meals set for each day. Each user has a single meal plan automatically created for them.Each day consists of up to seven Day Slots, each of which could hold a single meal along with its recipe information. Additionally, a meal could be labeled as either breakfast, lunch or dinner.