The v2 docs are a work in progress. Most of it still references v1 APIs and paradigms. Please bookmark this page and refer to the update notes below to see the most recent changes.

Graph API is the recommended way of interacting with the Whisk Platform. It is made as HTTP-based API, heavily inspired by Facebook Graph.

The Basics

Whisk Graph is composed of:

  • nodes - "things" like Recipe, User, Food, etc.

  • edges - connections between nodes (Recipe includes multiple Food items)

  • fields - details of node (Recipe instructions, urls)

The Graph API is HTTP-based, so it works with any language that has an HTTP library, such as cURL.

Most Graph API requests require the use of access tokens.

Update Notes

10-10-2020 Updates

  • Cleaning up meal planer APIs

    • Breaking each concept out into its own page

    • Reformatting calls and properties

  • Updating retailer list

  • Adding user profile page

  • Updated OAuth Retailer Flow for v1 & v2 docs

  • Fixed broken links on Recipe Object page in v1 & v2 docs

  • Update v2 Get User page to use new API call

9-25-2020 Updates

  • Anonymous access

    • Added warning to v1 docs that this has been deprecated

    • Removed page from v2 docs

  • New authentication flow example in the Authentication section

  • Removed references to old personalization options that are no longer used in the v2 search API.

  • Adding in example enums for request object properties when using the v2 feed API.

  • Update to user access token page

    • Changing expire time from 10 minutes to 1 day

    • Added note to contact support in order to white list redirect URL.

  • Added temporary page pointing to Swagger API file

9-18-2020 Updates

  • Made a new copy of V2 APIs

  • Restructured overview and broke out sub-sections into a new Concepts group (WIP)

  • Updates to Recipe API section

    • Merged Recipe and Discovery into a single section.

    • Cleaned up introduction page

    • Renamed Recipe Object page to Recipe Data and cleaned up content

    • In the process of updating the Recipe Search and Feed pages

    • Removed Recipe Categories and Get Similar Recipe pages which are no longer needed