Whisk Sandbox

Whisk Sandbox allows risk and cost free testing of our API services.

On signing up for Whisk, we provide you with a key to access the Whisk API Sandbox environment called the Test Kitchen. For more information, see Obtain an API key.

The Test Kitchen API emulates our production API's behavior and helps you get started with our API services. However, it's important to know that there are some limitations imposed on Test Kitchen. Here are the key differences to be aware of between the sandbox and production APIs:

API Host

Test Kitchen: testkitchen.whisk.com

Production: api.whisk.com

Recipe Search & Recipe Feed

Test Kitchen: A small subset of recipes are available through the search and feed specifically validating that everything is wired up correctly.

Production: Your recipe visibility depends on your Whisk agreement. You can discuss the details with your Whisk contact.


Test Kitchen retailers: Walmart (US, all zip codes) and Tesco (GB)

Production retailers: https://docs.whisk.com/resources/supported-retailers‚Äč

List Transfer (Shopping list mobile)

All successful list transfers return the same transfer URL.

Call frequency

Test Kitchen: 10 calls per second, 200 calls per day

Production: unlimited calls per second, calls per month defined by your contract


curl "https://testkitchen.whisk.com/v1/search?type=recipe" \
-H "Authorization: Token <Access-Token>"