The Whisk Shopping List SDK provides a rich set of client-side functionality that allows you to make your content shoppable.

Whether it’s a single product, a recipe, or even a meal planner, you can integrate the SDK in a few different ways and with many configuration options to suit your specific needs.

These docs provide all the details about setting up and using the Whisk Shopping List SDK.

Here are some things you can do:

Note: By using the Shopping List SDK you agree to our Terms. If you are not using our Pro (paid) version you are required to add a Powered by Whisk.com link below or next to the button.

Getting started

The Whisk SDK enables you to make your content shoppable in minutes. Copy a few pieces of code to your site, add the parameters you want to customize your experience. See the Examples page to get instructions about how to build with the SDK, or visit the Reference page for all the details.

Here are a few basic concepts and terminology:

  • Widgets – premade shopping buttons that you can quickly drop onto your page.

  • Methods – actions you can take, for example adding a recipe to a list.

  • Event Listeners – how you initiate the actions, for example with a click.

  • Parameters – options that control specific behavior of a widget or event listener.

Go to widget builder and try it out yourself!

Configuration options

The shopping list SDK can be used in a number of ways, easily customized to personalize for your needs. View the reference pages to see a full list of parameters.

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