Update basic details of a Shopping List

This endpoint allows you to update the shopping list name or set/reset it as primary.

Update Shopping List

POST https://api.whisk.com/list/v2/{id}

You can use a body parameter to update a shopping list:

Path Parameters




The shopping list identifier.





Server Token or a User Access token containing shopping_list:write scope to authorize the API usage. For more information, see Authentication.

Request Body




The body object contains the attributes to update the general shopping list details. See the Body Object Example below.

  "list": {
    "id": "string",
    "name": "string",
    "primary": true

Request Body Object Example

  "fields": {
    "name": "My Updated Shopping List",
    "primary": true
  "mask": {
    "paths": [
      "name", "primary"

The fields object allows you to specify new values for the shopping list attributes. Currently, we only support updating the name and primary attributes.

The mask object allows you to specify the attributes that you want to update specifically. For example, in each update request, you need to specify values for both name and primary attributes regardless of whether you want to update both or only one of them. Hence, the mask object determines which attributes are to be updated exactly.

The mask object contains the path array that allows you to add a comma-separated list of attributes to update.

Sample Request and Response

curl -X POST "https://api.whisk.com/list/v2/106e1fa4cbb7c844458be372c3e0f7bfa94"
    -H "Accept: application/json"
    -H "Authorization: Bearer <YOUR-API-ACCESS-KEY>"
    -d "{ \"fields\": { \"name\": \"My Updated Shopping List\", \"primary\": true }, \"mask\": { \"paths\": [ \"name\", \"primary\" ] }}"

Whisk allows you to discover and understand its API capabilities on the Swagger interface with the ability to try out the API calls directly in your browser. You can call this endpoint here.

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