Using Salsify Integration

Learn how to integrate with Whisk Studio and synchronize products using Salsify.

Whisk Studio supports integration with Salsify to synchronize your products’ data. If you have all your products stored in Salsify, you can easily set up the integration in just a few steps and pull them into Whisk Studio. This integration is one of many ways to transfer your products into our platform.

While integrating with Salsify, you may require us to map data for you as you may have your own set of attributes and values in your product definitions.

Follow these steps to enable the integration: 1. Log in to Whisk Studio.

If you are new to our platform, read the information and follow the instructions present in the Creating an Account and Request an API key for Integration topics.

2. From the left navigation panel, go to the Integrations page.

The Left-Navigation Panel

The Integrations page lists all the available integrations that Whisk Studio supports.

3. Click Salsify.

4. On the Salsify page that appears, authenticate using the Salsify API key. The instructions to obtain the key are present on the interface.

The Salsify Integration Welcome Page

5. Next, select the organization you want to synchronize with Whisk Studio.

The Organization Selection Page

If we are unable to fetch the organization id of your selected organization, you are asked to enter the Salsify organization id on the next page. The instructions to obtain the ID are present on the interface.

The Organization ID Configuration Page

6. Click Continue to start the synchronization. As the synchronization completes, you can view the summary.

The Synchronization Summary Page

From the same page, you can also disable the integration at any time you want. If you face any problems with synchronization, please contact our support. You can now go to the Products page to see your products listed there and start using them as ingredients for your recipes.

Once the integration is enabled, any changes done in the products in Salsify are synchronized automatically in the Whisk Studio.

If you are new to Salsify and looking to use it as a medium to transfer your products from your infrastructure to Whisk Studio, you must first import all your products into Salsify. The following Salsify documentation links can help you understand the import process: