What is Whisk Studio?

An introduction to the Whisk Studio platform.

Designed for powering content strategy for leading food brands and grocers, Whisk Studio offers you a centralized platform to build and manage recipe content that’s well structured, visual, consistent, and shoppable. It has tools to create, enhance, personalize and distribute recipe content, and connect it to grocery carts. It allows creators, businesses and publishers to create a unified recipe database, tied to our branded Open Food Platform. Every recipe is inspected and analyzed, allowing you to get nutrition data, truly shoppable ingredients and so much more. With Whisk Studio you can have all your recipes in one place and choose, where and how you want to publish them.

Using Whisk Studio:

  • You can manage your recipe content by importing data from your existing database or creating new recipe content using our predefined template. It also lets you search your database quickly and easily.

  • You can optimize your recipe content by structuring and tagging your recipes with labels such as meal type, cooking technique, cuisine, diet restrictions, and allergy restrictions. Whisk does it automatically for you and also lets you create your own custom labels. Additionally, It also provides you with automatic recipe nutrition calculation and health score using the reliable FDA data and an option to edit for maximum flexibility.

  • You can build an inspiring content experience for your customers by accessing your content through our apps, plugins, or APIs and publishing it on any experience.

  • You can pull all your branded and private label products into the platform or create new products using our predefined template, and use branded products as ingredients in your recipes.