Using the Whisk Studio Sync API

Learn how to synchronize recipes using the Whisk Studio Synchronization API.

When you want to use Whisk Studio for recipe content management and at the same time have your own publishing system to deploy content on your frontend, you can still have the integration done using our Recipes Sync API.

How to integrate with your publishing system?

Here are the steps to set up the integration: 1. Build a connector to sync data between Whisk Studio and your publishing system.

If you have the resources, you can build the custom connector on your own; else, you can outsource it to a third-party if needed. We recommend you to acquire services from TrueLogic as it is one of our trusted vendors.

2. Use the connector to retrieve recipes from Whisk Studio using the Recipes Sync API endpoints.

3. Save the metadata in your infrastructure.

4. Use your publishing system to publish the recipes on your frontend.

For more information, see Content Synchronization using Whisk Studio Sync API.