Using the Whisk Recipes for WordPress Plugin

Learn how to integrate with Whisk Studio and synchronize recipes using our WordPress plugin.

The Whisk Recipes for WordPress plugin automatically synchronizes the recipes you create in Whisk Studio and make them available in your WordPress account or publish them on a WordPress page based on your configuration. It also lets you change the font, sizes, and color scheme of the recipe template at any time.

Besides being a medium to integrate with Whisk Studio to synchronize your recipe content for publishing, Whisk Recipes for WordPress has so much more to offer. To explore its features, read its documentation.

Installing the Plugin

The Whisk Recipes for WordPress plugin is available for free download in the WordPress plugin marketplace.

To install the plugin: 1. Download and install the Whisk Recipes plugin from the WordPress marketplace.

2. On the Whisk’s Welcome page, click Let’s Go to start the setup.

The Welcome Page

3. On the Setup Recipe URLs page, choose a URL structure for your recipes and click Continue.

  • If you plan to create recipes from scratch, select Semantic URLs. Also select a Recipe base to use as a slug in the URL. Here is an example of a semantic URL with preferred recipe base as Meal Type -

  • If you already have recipes inside the WordPress posts, use Native WordPress URLs. Here is an example of a native WordPress URL -

The Setup Recipe URLs Page

3. Next, connect to Whisk Studio using the Client ID and Secret String. These details can be found on the API page in Whisk Studio. For more information, see Obtain an API key and API Authentication.

The Plugin Authentication Page

Once the setup and synchronization completes, you can visit the Whisk Recipe plugin in the WordPress Dashboard to verify if all the recipes are synchronized successfully.

Once the integration is enabled, any changes done in the recipe content using Whisk Studio are synchronized automatically in WordPress.