Using the Whisk Studio Sync API

Learn how to synchronize products using the Whisk Studio Synchronization API.

When you have your products stored in a database within your infrastructure or externally on some other platform, you can use our Products Sync API to set up product synchronization and create and manage products in Whisk Studio.

How to integrate with your product database?

Here are the steps to set up the integration: 1. Build a connector to sync data between Whisk Studio and your product database.

If you have the resources, you can build the custom connector on your own; else, you can outsource it to a third-party if needed. We recommend you to acquire services from TrueLogic as it is one of our trusted vendors.

2. Use the connector to retrieve products from your product database, normalize the data and add them to Whisk Studio using the Products Sync API.

Once the synchronization completes, you can start using your new products as ingredients in recipes on Whisk Studio. For more information, see Content Synchronization using Whisk Studio Sync API.