Integration Process and Flow

Learn the different ways to integrate with Whisk Studio.

Whisk Studio provides plugins and synchronization API for synchronizing recipes and products.

Whisk Studio Integration Flow

For recipes’ synchronization, we offer one-way sync, which means that you can use our Shopify app or WordPress plugin, or build a custom connector to pull and store recipes’ metadata in your database from Whisk Studio. You can then use your preferred way to publish the recipes on your front end. For more information, see Recipes Synchronization.

We also offer one-way sync for product synchronization, which means that you can set up an integration using Salsify or the Shopify app to push products into Whisk Studio and start using them as ingredients in your recipes. For more information, see Products Synchronization.

Additionally, Whisk also provides Partners API access to its Whisk Studio users. So, you can use the Partners API along with synchronization API to build a new website or a mobile application related to smart and shoppable recipe content. For more information, see Whisk API Integration.