Whisk Platform

10-10-2020 Updates

  • Cleaning up meal planer APIs

    • Breaking each concept out into its own page

    • Reformatting calls and properties

  • Updating retailer list

  • Adding user profile page

  • Updated OAuth Retailer Flow for v1 & v2 docs

  • Fixed broken links on Recipe Object page in v1 & v2 docs

  • Update v2 Get User page to use new API call

9-25-2020 Updates

  • Anonymous access

    • Added warning to v1 docs that this has been deprecated

    • Removed page from v2 docs

  • New authentication flow example in the Authentication section

  • Removed references to old personalization options that are no longer used in the v2 search API.

  • Adding in example enums for request object properties when using the v2 feed API.

  • Update to user access token page

    • Changing expire time from 10 minutes to 1 day

    • Added note to contact support in order to white list redirect URL.

  • Added temporary page pointing to Swagger API file

9-18-2020 Updates

  • Made a new copy of V2 APIs

  • Restructured overview and broke out sub-sections into a new Concepts group (WIP)

  • Updates to Recipe API section

    • Merged Recipe and Discovery into a single section.

    • Cleaned up introduction page

    • Renamed Recipe Object page to Recipe Data and cleaned up content

    • In the process of updating the Recipe Search and Feed pages

    • Removed Recipe Categories and Get Similar Recipe pages which are no longer needed