Creating An Account

Whisk Studio allows anyone to create a new account to access several of our services in a single place, including the main Whisk API. To get started, you’ll need to log-in with a Google account or create a new account from scratch.

The Sign up page

Once registered, you’ll see the Whisk for Business Dashboard. Currently, only access to the Whisk APIs is available, but more features will arrive soon

The Whisk for Business Dashboard

At this point, you’ll want to fill out your business account profile. Completing this information helps is required before using the Whisk APIs.

The Profile Setup page

Once you have finished your profile, you can test the Whisk APIs using the sandbox API key.

The Whisk API page

To finish getting the API key, you will need to agree to the license agreement, and you can view your new key directly from the dashboard.

The License Agreement

By default, the credentials are hidden, and it’s important not to share these publicly.

Once you have your sandbox API key, you can go to the Getting Started topic and build your first Whisk powered app!

If you need to reset your sandbox key or you have any issues, you will need to contact us using the button at the top of the portal and submit a help ticket.

The Support dialog

Finally, when you are ready to move your application to production, you’ll need to complete your business account, and someone will reach out to discuss the next steps.