Retailer Aliases

Retailers can be referenced by either the full RetailerId or a Retailer Alias.

As a general rule of thumb, if you have the retailer

The Retailer alias format is:

For passing the retailer when creating a cart, you get the store info from the retailers API:

curl "" \

-H "Accept: application/json" \

-H "Authorization: Token <TOKEN>"Sample response (some data collapsed/excluded)

{ "retailers":[ { "id":"103ba72991985be40739d8bf3bdf2807504", "name":"Walmart", ... "metadata":{ "branch":"2082" } }, ... ]}

Then you can pass in either the retailer id: (recommended){ "retailerId": "103ba72991985be40739d8bf3bdf2807504",...} or the retailer-country-branch:{"retailerId": "Walmart-US-2082",...}

If you have

It is possible to use retailer alias to skip "get available retailers" phase.

The alias should be built with this rule: [RetailerName]-[Country code] e.g. AmazonFresh-GB.

If a retailer is available in only one country it is possible to use only name e.g. Tesco.

Note, that only retailers which do not require zipcode can be used as aliases. You can find retailers required zipcode in the table above.