Obtain an API Key

Learn how to obtain an API key.

Whisk Studio provides a Sandbox key to test the Whisk API. This key allows you to access all Whisk Partners APIs but retrieves only limited dummy data. For more information, see Whisk Sandbox.

To obtain a Sandbox key: 1. Sign up on Whisk Studio. For more information, see Create an Account.

2. In Whisk Studio, go to the API page and click Get sandbox API key.

The Whisk for Business Dashboard

3. To finish generating the API key, you must agree to the license agreement. Your sandbox key should now appear on the dashboard, and you can use it to test the Whisk APIs. By default, the credentials are hidden, and it’s important not to share these publicly.

If you need to reset your sandbox key or have any other issues, you can contact us using the button at the top of the page.

The Sandbox API key is only used to test the Whisk Partners API. To authenticate your Whisk Studio Integration or Whisk Studio Synchronization API, you should obtain a production API key. See, Request an API key for Whisk Studio Integration for more information.

Finally, when you are ready to get full API access, you can click the Contact us for production keys button and send us your request. Someone from our team will soon reach out to you.

For more information on different authentication mechanisms our API support, see Authentication.